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2-Pocket Banknote Authenticator

State of the art image processing technology.
Save and send images and texts of Banknotes serial numbers.
Extract, print, and store texts & images of serial numbers of Banknotes.
Management of Integration in Building - Solution
Integration Process Management (based on database)
Integrated Machine Management (Remote SW update and After Service)
TITO (Barcode reading), Cheque (MICR reading)
Send barcode information to printer or PC
Handles banknotes and tickets simultaneously.
Useful at Banks, Casinos, Theaters, Bus Terminals, etc.
Robust built for tough jobs (Mechanics, software, aesthetics, color)
Easy Jam removal via 2 – chamber opening
Less jam due to shorter banknote travel path.

Counts Banknotes smoothly
Full Fitness Sorting Functions (Dog ear, ATM, graphite, soiled ETC)
Ability to authenticate real cheque leaf from clone via the MICR reading technology.
Authenticate Banknotes via IR, UV, MR, 2-CIS as well as tape – Mechanical thickness sensor with Euro Lag
Cash management solution:
The MIB11F has the ability to collect data on flow of count, denomination counted in units and value, machine health status in real time for aftersales services and prompt response purposes. These data collected could be fed into other systems and stored for further processing and analysis for decision making. Connection could be made to a third party system for remote monitoring branch by branch and bank wide cash management could be remotely observed and monitored from a central point via the management of integration in building solution.
Dust Protection: sensors are covered to protect machine and users from dust.
Differentiate between Banknotes of different value, sizes and denomination
Detects double notes
Batch Counting: Efficient and Accurate using state of the art double detection assembly and efficient mechanical Banknote separation system. Upgradeable: software and hardware can be upgraded when new banknotes are issued by the Central Bank. Certification: ISO, ECB, BOE, BOG etc.

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