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HAB 47

1-Pocket Banknote Authenticator
HAB 47

Heavy Counting Requirements (Ideal for front office operation)
Banknote Value Recognition
UV, MG, IR, MT, MG, CIS and Value Counter
Detect mixed notes by value, color and size combined
Adjustable level counting speed
Ability to count weak, wet and cello-taped note
Counts all currencies (Euro, Dollar, Pounds etc.
3 Digits LED, 4 Digits / 1-9999
Fast, Accurate Currency Counting. Easy Operation and High Performance
Printer: Optional

Dimension : 28CM (w) * 26cm (D) *27CM (H)11” (W)*10.6”(H)
Net weight : 5.3kgs
G. Weigh: 7.0kgs
Counting speed:800/1000/1200 notes / min for CNT mode, 800/1000 notes /min for SDC & MDC modes.
Size of countable notes: Minimum110x60mm, maximum 185x90mm
Thickness: 0.08 ᷉˜ 0.12mm
Feed system: Roller friction system
Hopper capacity: 400-500 notes
Power supply: AC 100-240± 10% , 50/60Hz
Current: Maximum 1.8A(100-240VAC)
Power consumption<50watts

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