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Banknote Sorters

Our coin and banknote dispensing machine is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their cash transactions. With fast and efficient dispensing capabilities, this machine can handle large volumes of coins and banknotes with ease. Our machine is designed to improve accuracy, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction. Invest in our coin and banknote dispensing machine to transform your cash handling processes today
19-inch LED touch screen is easy for operation
All in one design with coin recycling module, coin roll module, banknote recognition module and banknote dispensing module
Accepts the GHANA CEDI and most currencies around the world
Support banking card reader and pin pad for payment
High speed 58mm thermal printer for receipt printing without jamming

Coin Counterfeit Detection Method:
Comprehensive detection of coins such as material, size, thickness etc., with high anti-counterfeiting accuracy
Applicable Coin Size Range: 14-34mm diameter, 1.0-3.5mm thickness
Coin Deposit Speed: 22 coins / sec
Coin Change Speed: 26 coins / sec
Recycling Box Capacity: 3 recycling boxes, 500 coins for each
Collection Box Capacity: 8, 000
Coin Roll Module:
Coin roll box Number: 3
Coin roll box Capacity: 440 rolls
Coin roll dispensing Speed: 180 rolls / min
Banknote Recognition Module:
Applicable Banknote Range: Bank on request
Banknote Box Capacity: 1,000 banknotes
Number of Banknote box: 1
Banknote Collection Speed: ≤2 seconds
Banknote Acceptance Rate: ≥99%
Banknote Dispensing Module:
Number of Banknote Box: 3 (standard), (can be customized to 6 according to customer’s needs)
Banknote Box Capacity: 500 banknotes per box
Waste box Capacity: 20 banknotes
Banknotes Output Speed: 2 banknotes / second
Mainboard: Industrial grade
Banking Card Reader: Magnetic cared, IC Card, PBOC 2.0 Standard
Pinpad: EPP encrypted pinpad, PCI safety certification
Camera: 3
Printer: 58mm thermal printer
Dimension: 726mm (W) x 1500mm (H) x 900mm (D)
Weight: 300KG Mass

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